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The Labex Memolife brings together all 53 research teams from the IBENS at the ENS, the CIRB at the CdF and the Unit « Plasticité du Cerveau » at the ESPCI, as well as 3 IBiSA platforms. This consortium is comprised of 493 people.
The project is based on the idea that the concept of memory can be used to describe all living systems, from the molecule to the most complex developed organ ie the brain.
The main goal is to foster and develop collaborations between biologists working in different fields of Life sciences and also to help build interactions with mathematicians, chemists and physicists with a strong interest for biological questions.

The scientific axis of the project are the following
- Genome Regulation and evolution
- Cellular organization and communication
- Behavior Cerebral and neuronal basis

The teaching projects aim to
- Train master students to interdisciplinary approaches
- Reinforce the engineering part of academic cursus
- Facilitate double cursus at the bachelor and master level
- Organize advanced classes in systems biology , cellular and subcellular imaging genomics, network regulation, optogenetics an computational biology

This project involves a number of biology research groups with different scientific competences and cultures. The strength and uniqueness of Memolife is based on this diversity.

Pierre Paoletti, LabEx MemoLife Director